Feel my grandpa's presence

I see my grandfather on a couch rooting for me in this life. He knows the truth of everything that happened to me and he’s got my back.

It really is a comforting feeling.

He died a couple of years ago.


I’m sorry to hear your grandfather passed. I hope you have lots of good memories of him.


I’m glad you have that comfort

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Yeah I really have good memories.

When I was a kid and visited him at his house he had a bunch of wood laid out and my brother built weapons out of it. It was really cool. He didn’t let us keep it.

He got Denver Broncos season tickets a very long time ago and past them on to my Dad so my brother and I would be able to watch them play.

When I was in Navy bootcamp he wrote me a great letter. I feel bad about not writing him back. I could only write one letter and I had to tell my parents when my graduation date would be.

I think he was happy to die. He really missed my grandma who died about a decade before due to cancer.


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