Feel more like a smoker now

Smoked for years and now that I’ve quit it’s catching up with me.

Got a cough, I’m not having any real trouble breathing, but uh it’s not quite as smooth as it should be.

I literally feel like I smoked over a pack today and it’s been over a week.

Can’t wait for this all to pass.

It’s kewl to be a nonsmoker! I’m saving money!


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Agreed man. I just thought the physical relief would be progressive.

I know it will pass and smoking certainly wouldn’t help.

You are healing though, I think I read the moment you quit, your body activates that recovery mode, and you should be able to get back to mostly healthy lungs someday.

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Apparently it takes like 15 years or something to fully recover.

I’m not going to be counting either.

All of the chemicals are well out of my system and brain now.

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I also think @soitgoes, that it doesn’t take 15 years to get back to a normal functioning or cleared of the damage.

I’d have to read more on it, but you are young, and maybe have smoked 10 years, so, I’d say you’re looking at the ballpark of about 5 to 7 years. But what do I know.

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