Feel kind of crappy today, could it be that bottle of maple syrup i chugged last night

is it that???12121212121


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I have a bottle of excellent maple syrup at home and nothing to put it on. I’ve been thinking yearningly of it for days. You have the best ideas, @crsaen :maple_leaf:


Yes I think that’s exactly why you feel crappy. And I suggest you work on not doing it again.


I once drank two gallons of maple syrup over the course of 24 hours…the sugar rush crash lasted for weeks…

are you serious?

i was depressed, and my comfort food is sugar…I am dead serious…my mom almost took me to the ER because I was all over the place, she was worried my blood sugar was dangerously high


I O.D. on sugar on a regular basis. Just this evening I ate about three times as many jelly beans as I should have… I’ve asked this before, and still don’t know: is sugar dependency/obsession/love a sz thing? I literally want sugar from sun up to sun down. :dango::cake::lollipop::icecream::chocolate_bar::doughnut::cookie::candy::two_hearts:

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF yea that would have Andre the Giant barf

Youre serious? wow, please dont do it again… itll kill you slowly and with suffering.
Diabetes ya know