Feel better but I still have negatives!

I feel alot better from positives, every month I feel like I’m making progress. But the negatives are still there. I don’t do much because I don’t have the energy.

Will the negatives go away as well? How was it for you?

They didnt for me.

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25 years and counting and I still have significant negative symptoms. I’ve given up on relief from meds and have tried to use therapy and the inertia of strongly ingrained habits to counter them.

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It’s like I suspected. That this won’t go away easily. I’ll try to activate myself but it’s hard. I really can’t do anything but lie on the couch.

My negatives are a bit better on lower doses meds and on partial dopamine agonists like Abilify.

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I’m on vraylar so…

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The best way i countered negatives was with antidepressants. I was on Invega and lexapro and went to uni and held a job at the same time and also was going to a gym

Yea I had negative symptoms off meds too, they started 2-3yrs before my diagnosis. Sucks. Oh one thing also that improved negative symptons was things that increase dopamine like Ldopa supplement but it made my positive symptoms and irritability worse. I think some users here are on Adderall and Ritalin but others relapsed back into psychosis bcz of these stimulants.

My pdoc wont prescribe me ads, he said I dont have depression.