Feel a bit guilty but have learned a good lesson

My new neighbours have a habit of leaving stuff like car seats and strollers and bikes in the communal hallway. The hallway is very narrow and honestly there is absolutely no room for that stuff.

Also they leave bags of garbage outside their house for weeks on end. They don’t seem to take stuff out for garbage collection.

All this made me think they were going to be nightmare neighbours.

But today a business van marked as something like ‘decluttering and lifestyle therapy’ was parked outside their house and loads of boxes of junk was being laid outside.

Thing is I think they are hoarders. Hoarding is s complicated condition and I feel so bad for judging them. They have gone out of their way to seek help for their problems which is extremely admirable.

I gonna make a point of not jumping to conclusions in future


You should ask them if they are having a garage sale.


Very big of you @anon94176359 . It is easy to judge people but there’s always a backstory. You have the right attitude my friend!


See people with troubles take the time to think of others. To get to the bottom of a thing before casting judgement and making trouble. How many of you did that before sz? Often its best to give somebody the benefit of the doubt before giving someone a hard time. He found those people were like him in a way and didn’t want to overburden them. so many of us don’t need more trouble. But he thought of it all his mind, didn’t say anything and no harm done.


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