I know this is trivial (mind fks)

sorry this is trivial but i get these mind ■■■■■ sometimes where something is wrong or doesnt make sense but it really annoys, upsets and ■■■■■ with my mind and thats what i call them ‘mind ■■■■■’

anyway tonight i put out the bins, it was dark and i havent really got a proper bin so i just put my rubbish in any bin where there is space and i didnt think much about it, i just thought that everybody shared the bins in the bin area.

so tonight i do what i normally do and i lift the lid of this bin and it says ‘this bin is the property of …blah blah blah’ and i was like wtf man it a fkn bin get a grip, there are plenty of bins for everybody and i think someone stole my little grey bin for food waste so i felt like a criminal just puting out the bin. it was a total mind ■■■■ and its totally fkd up, there is enough bins for every one.

so tomorrow i want to phone them up about it at the council and ask for 3 bins but i am paranoid they might tell the housing people or something idk

anyway does anyone else get these mind fks?

I can see why this would upset you. Some people get really upset when you touch their stuff. I don’t think they are shared if it’s anything like it is where I live. Each person is responsible for their own bins. Unfortunately if you put something in someones else bins that shouldn’t be there then that person’s garbage can not get picked up and they will have to store it for another week. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to call the council and get a replacement as it is not your fault that yours got stolen and you should be provided with the right bins.


people are such busybodies! i honestly think some people dont have enought to do.
i go attacked by angry dog poo lady today clutching a bag in her hand i told her in no uncertain terms where she could stick her plastic baggy. dont let theese people get to you they are the insane one the ones that curtain twitch and cant wait for the nest council meeting to gossip about people who dont garden well. lol ■■■■ em


i can be going really well and then suddenly something unforseen/trivial happens that knocks me for six , then it becomes a slippery slope downwards and a lot of effort getting back to normal, well my sz normal , so i can relate.
take care
p.s if it makes you feel any better my nutter mother wouldn’t let my wife put a lemon in her clean bin because rubbish pick up was not scheduled for at least another 4 days… so we took the lonely lemon back home to put in our bin, this is one of the more trivial reasons, why i have not seen her for years…and i am the mad one !


I hate it when someone puts a banana peel in the bottom on my bin, along with something grimy and unidentifiable. Don’t want to reach my hand down there. Especially in the summer heat.

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I have a separate bin for food waste but it was stolen lol so I use someone else’s

I am an avid recycler and I like to separate things like I have a bin for paper and cardboard and the other is for tins, plastics and glass and there is a general bin as well.

It’s a bit hectic bc we all are supposed to have 4 bins each and there are lots of people staying around here and that equals a lot of bins so that’s why I thought we were sharing.

Sometimes it’s confusing. We have 3 bins and 4 people. Yet everyone’s supposed to have their own. I’m OK if I just have enough room for my trash. I do keep my food trash in bags in the fridge until the day before pick up. Don’t know why I’m a clean freak about that. I’m not about anything else. I recycle too and compost. Otherwise the smallish garbage bin wouldn’t hold everything.

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We have a few of those and I just sort of shake my head and wonder. I do some of the yard maintenance around the apartment complex for a cut in rent. When I’m out pruning a tree weeding there are a few who have to run up and complain about the tree leaning 3 degrees towards their door or my kid sisters piano is too loud or any number of odd stuff.

where i live in cornwall its particulaly bad in the house i lived in before this one i had to put in a complaint to the coucil for hasrrassment this lady reported me to the councel for turning my car around in her drive! she reported us for having the tv on she reported us for such trivial things. im glad i have moved house now.