Fed up of staying in the house

i need to go out more,

i want to look at clubs and things,

anything really, just really fed up staying in all the time :frowning:

Yes, i am to.

But i need cliffs and paths to wander.

There is actually an old shamanic hang out not far from here, i love that place. I can see where they painted the beings on the walls. It’s such a mystical place to.

I just prefer nature.


So what’s stopping you?

idk @Dreamscape

thats a hard question

Just start at the basics and try and get out of the house for a walk each day.

I’m fed up too and house bound. Another 7 to 10 inches still falling on east coast. No plows on streets since its still falling. They’ll work all night to try to get streets open on Friday.

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i do , i just need to do more,

i’ve got a couple things i do that help but i want more

most nights are spent inside,

most days i get out for about an hour at the most

i have college and that though but it isn’t enough

I’ve spent the past couple of days almost entirely in my room. The doctor told me my cholestoral is high and recommended walking as exercise. I’ve been pacing back and forth in my room. It’s pretty cold outside. Also, there are a lot of mean dogs in the town where I live. There is a big hill I can walk up and down, though, and as soon as it is warm enough I plan to do that.

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I’m not liking today’s snow; it means isolation for me.



Your in the UK right? Might just be a case of finding some type of themed pub and increasing your social group and contacts. A good place to look at, at any rate.

We have had a lot of snow here on the East coast, been housebound for a while, I cannot wait till the Spring thaw

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I went out fishing on Tuesday. I didn’t catch anything but I got a bad suntan since my body is not used to be out in the sun for long periods. I enjoyed it so much I plan on going again next week. It is the start of autumn here in RSA and our days are lovely.

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Wow I often forget this is a world wide forum!

It so interesting how the east coast is so cold and the westcoast is totally mild

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Yeah dont rub it in … :grinning:

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Take a shower, grab a backpack, and go shopping for a little something at your local mall. You’ll see lots of people and enjoy a day out in the sunlight. :smile:

Have you tried running?

It seems like a start,I was fed up and too bored of staying at home…then I decided to go out and make my time more well spent…I am glad you have this thoughts lol @Resilient1

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i don’t like pubs much, just quiet ones where no-one will bother me

you get a lot of trouble in pubs :frowning:

yeah its all about finding the right places

i just don’t know where to look

and its the types of people as well