Fear of diabetes

I have issues…fatigue, sores and rashes, drinking and peeing a lot, sudden moments when i feel bad and need sugar to recover. Im afraid of diabetes. I am slightly overweight (BMI of 25.5 or 26 or so) and dont eat healthily (neither extremely unhealthily though).

Ideas? Except calling the GP? If i had it, could it be reversed?

My step dad reversed his by eating gluten free


If this worries you there are drugs available that have less propensity to cause diabetes. I suggest you make some changes there if you can.


I suggest you go to your gp and have blood drawn.
Diabetes is very manageable today, so they’ll take good care of you if have it.

I have to get tested regularly because of my pcos. It’s just a quick blood sample


Also, type 2 can be sort of reversed by following a diet and losing weight


Thanks all. I will have my blood drawn and see if i can change diet. I think medwise i cant find anything better than now. I already quit zyprexa for haldol and use it as little as possible for me. But thanks for the recommendation!

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No diabetes. Hurray. Terrified though - i clearly have “something”, what is it then?

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