Favourite shampoo/conditioner

Right now I am using davines, which is probably too expensive. This is the shampoo I’m using currently:

I’m also addicted to this stuff by Le labo:


The point is, I’m really spending too much to wash my hair. What are your hot hair product tips?


Ooooh Davines and Le Labo— you fancy @Schwann :sweat_smile:.

I use this to cleanse my scalp:

And this is my shampoo and conditioner at the moment:


I had biological shampoo (Camille). It was great, but don’t know where to buy.

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Prescribed by a family doctor.

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Ooh I’ve seen good things about amika & alterna! I’ll have to do further investigation

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I buy From grocery shop.
Right now Elvital schampoo and a Apple conditioner.

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I’m not really into shampoo/conditioner.

Right now I’ve got some purple shampoo from the salon that’s supposed to keep the blonde under my blue hair from turning brassy.

I just don’t care what kind of shampoo/conditioner I use because I’ve never noticed a difference in my hair.

Some makes it more frizzy, some makes it more smooth,

But they’re all basically the same.

Where I invest is in hair treatments for after shampooing and conditioning.

I’ve got various oils, primers and texturizing sprays.

All decent brands that were too expensive for hair stuff.

But a lady needs to feel fancy sometimes.

@Schztuna, I have scalp problems,

Would you recommend that oil?

Does it come out of your hair easily?


Head and Shoulders, but the generic version.

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I use a local made one that has collagen and keratin.

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Sometimes I use that or Dove.

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Mostly just Pantene or tresseme.

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I like radox 6266262252525255

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I’m into the body shop shampoo Shea and next I’m going to use banana shampoo

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Hubby bought this for himself (PURA D’OR) cause of hair thinning. I use it, too, because my hair is getting very thin, as well. The conditioner is amazing. It makes my hair so soft. It’s expensive, though. We buy it from Costco.

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I like Herbal Essences Color Me Happy :smiley:
I recently dyed my hair a dark blue and I don’t want all the color to rinse out so soon (plus it’s vegan and smells good!)

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Hiya @Charles_Foster,

I would recommend it if you have an itchy scalp— which I definitely do, especially this time of year.

They call it an oil, but it’s not oily at all and rinses clean.

Another one that people swear by is the Briogeo Scalp Revival line— specifically the shampoo.

It’s a scalp scrub and feels pretty nice:


I started using this Irish Spring 5-1 stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and a 24 hour scent.
It’s only $8.00 for a huge 32 oz bottle.

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I was using some kind of eucalyptus dandruff shampoo with some kind of organic tea oil conditioner, but last week I had a friend shave my hair off so now I just use the shampoo sparingly. I’m so much happier not having to deal with it, I just kept it long for my mom when I was visiting her in Florida at Xmas…no more tangles, or greasiness, or thinning.

I’m lazy I use a deodorant soap made for hair and body.

I use Loreal shampoo and conditioner. It says zero sillicon oils.