------------------Favourite fish---------------------

Whats your favourite fish to eat?

Cod is mine…wb

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there was a big fight at the local chipper last night two fish got battered


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Wild trout or mackarel maybe

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I like… Smoked mackerel. That stuff is tasty. Although I’m trying to become vegan.

Whiting. It’s pretty mild.

i like eating salmon patties and tuna with mayo… not sure which id prefer if it was just plain fish

sea bass. so good

blackened snapper or grouper…only…some catfish if it’s not too big…

Salmon, Tuna, Talepia (sp)

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Jim Gaffigan the Clean comedy, family man has a hilarious bit on fish.

When things are awry you don’t say they are hamburgery

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Last post was a fail I didn’t sell it so great. It’s good humor though you can ask Alexa or probably see his bit on YouTube.

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Rainbow :rainbow: trout!

theres something fishy about this thread

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They have this salmon that has bourbon and black pepper marinate on it delicious!

Sardines on Toast. Out a tin. Seriously lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Plain unstalted salmon. Tuna with mayo and hot sauce isn’t bad either.


Salmon, ahi tuna, smoked trout

Smoked salmon too.