Favorite Tea?


I drink jasmine tea.



A common basic black breakfast tea is great. A little sugar and no milk and it’s perfect.

I grew up with visiting grandparents who drank tea breakfast lunch and dinner. Drank a lot of black tea and still do. I’d prefer it over coffee. But tea gives me a longer hit…coffee wakes me up!



Is that Barry’s Irish tea



Yes! It is good ol Irish tea!

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I like a good chai. My husband buys me this brand called Let’s Chai. It is a loose mix i use a tea ball with.



Rooibos with ginger and honey

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I just had Scottish breakfast tea by Taylor’s of harrogate

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I like various kinds of teas, but right now I have some Emperor’s Pride and like it.

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There’s nothing like a nice green tea with a slice of lemon.a little victory every time



My all time favorite was probably a green sencha with juniper & white pepper, sadly I can’t find anything like it anymore.

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I like Earl Grey tea and red tea, because they help to loose weight.

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Freshly chopped ginger root with green tea and a little honey.

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I like chinese pu erh tea. Its a special aged tea from ancient trees in china. Its drank in 3 small cups with nothing added and you only brew it for 10 seconds at a time. One pot can be re brewed over 2 dozen times in one sitting.

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