Favorite foods

So I dunno about anyone else on here but I have a lot of cravings! Some of my most common ones are grilled mac and cheese ham sandwiches (I can only have grilled cheese sandwiches on specific bread), chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, panda express (I need that cheap orange not-real-chicken chicken and fried rice), BBQ chicken pizza, and peanut butter honey toast with BBQ pringles sprinkled on top :yum:

What are some of y’alls favorite foods or weirdest cravings?

I like chicken wings, fried chicken, steak, ribs, fruits, chips, all types of chicken actually, shrimp, fried calamari, pancakes, fried rice, Thai food, Indian food, Mexican food, all Asian and Latin food, ice cream, fried ice cream, etc… Just had seven wings an apple and five pizza bagels and I’m still hanxious!!!

I like slowly baked Lamb the most :open_mouth: Just kidding, sweet and sour shrimp with rice, mac and cheese with canned tomatoes and any free cooked meal anyone offers

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:sweat_smile: Glad that was a joke! Honestly though, I go crazy during the Greek festival in town for some gyros and stuffed grape leaves :yum: I can eat a lot of shrimp in the first two minutes, but then I get sick of it until an hour or two later :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve always loved anything sweet. Candy, cake, iced tea, fruit, you name it. I love sweet foods. Ever since I got pregnant I’ve been obsessed with apples though, I literally eat between 5 and 7 apples a day. But the weirdest craving I’ve had so far was spaghetti and meatballs with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I also made my fiancé make me a sandwich of brownie, raw cookie dough, whipped cream, fluff, and caramel in between two big chocolate chip cookies. I’m seriously disgusting lol


I’m a pizza -holic.

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I like rice and pasta a lot. Fettucini Alfredo is great.

Seafood alfredo. And Kit Kat bars. Also fried asparagus. Any soup, especially from scratch.

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I like scratch soups too. And French fries. :fries:

What is “Fluff” exactly??

Spaghetti bolognaise (sp?)

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Pancakes! Waffles! White bread with butter and ketchup! :yum:
Baked sweet potatoes!
Grilled salmon with sour cream!
Cream cake!
Apple and cinnamon cake!
Any cake!

I have a strong sweet tooth. Pancakes, Cheesecake, chocolate cakes, Key lime pie, Lemon cakes, donuts. I like a high sugar diet. :slight_smile: I also like pizza, calzones, strombolis, fried chicken, burgers, french fries, onion bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese.

Sugary foods are always a demand for me :stuck_out_tongue: Have any of you gone to Anna’s bakery an hour before they close? Their donuts are only 50 cents each so I have to keep myself from getting a dozen!

I also love the BBQ foods: ribs, potato salad, hamburgers, coleslaw (there’s this one called apple jicama coleslaw and I go crazy for it!), chicken, rice, etc.

I guess I just love food in general :sweat_smile:

I love Mexican food the most, like quesadillas or nachos. Five guys burgers, macaroni and cheese, pineapple, shrimp scampi with pasta, crab dip, and a lot of other things…

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Cake is heaven though.


Haha my thoughts exactly. It sounds … repulsive!

Not as bad as “sketti” though. UGH

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Everyone has their own tastes y’all :stuck_out_tongue: I mean heck, I used to eat ketchup and ranch straight up :blush:

My grandparents asked me when I was little if I wanted ketchup on my bread as a joke. I said yes and loved it. Have been eating it ever since! :smile:


vietnamese shredded beef with noodles, spaghetti, pizza, jacket potato, mexican food, korean food, chinese food, italian food, french crepe, fish & chips, croissants, apple struddel, lasagna, fast food like McD, KFC and Popeyes. thats all i can remember for now…