Favorite female scientist?

Mine is Marie curie the polish scientist. She won 2 Nobel prize. Who is yours?

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Hedy Lamarr, actress, and co-developer of the first “secret communication system”.

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It’s hard to top Marie Curie, but Ada Lovelace is pretty awesome. She wrote the first computer algorithm before we had anything like computers.

I also think a couple of my female professors are pretty damn badass.


I agree, I saw her story on tv. She’s amazing

Another amazing woman

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Ya I heard about her. Pretty crazy…

How about this lady? It’s sad she passed away in 2017. She won a field medal which is more prestigious than a Nobel prize. No Nobel prizes in math…

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It’s not science or engineering but in logic no one tops this epic woman:

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Ya. She’s big in libertarianism and Austrian economics. I think she’s a ■■■■■ lol. I’m not a fan. Haven’t read any of her works, unfortunately…

I’ve read them all, I even met her calculus tutor who was in the circle of people around her

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Over here she’s known as a bit of a fanatic… But I’ll take your word for it.

Fanatic she was in every sense

True genius is a eccentric

Intelligence is positively correlated with less extreme political opinions. I think you’d be hard pressed to argue convincingly that fanaticism is a sign of brilliance.

They are radical ideas that as their goal aim to be logically consistent. Even if she didn’t get it right she gave a damn well good try. If there were more logically consistent ideas in the world, it would be a better place

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Alice Catherine Evans, she was the first woman to hold a permanent position as a bacteriaologist at the USDA and her work lead to the widespread use of pasteurization of milk, preventing disease.

I did a project on her in highschool.

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I don’t really know much about her. You might be right that she was highly intelligent and contributed positively to philosophy and politics. It’s just not at all what most people here think of when they hear that name.

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No she’s banded about like a piñata

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It would be interesting to discuss her ideas if you are inclined. Here they are:


Maybe if I have some spare time after my exams :smile:… I really don’t want to have an opinion about her ideas before I’ve read enough about her work to have an informed opinion.

That makes sense, her stuff is dens and diverse. It takes time to get a good understanding. Reading atlas shrugged helps ALOT. The rest follows, atleast in my learning. Made me wife read atlas shrugged

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