Favorite artist

This dude - Gottfried Helnwein - is my favorite painter/artist alive today. You?


dali for the dripping clock.
because time do drips away…


stairs, because the mind can be such an confusion, that you end up where you started


both Dali and Esher are rock-stars - love them!

well i like your Gottfried Helnwein as well,
nice strong composition. minimalistic on the colors, while heavy on the theme
i dunno much about such great talents these days

we have TINKEBELL in our country as an artist.
yet i am wondering about her mental condition, this comming from someone with an mental condition…
i am puzzeled. period

myself - but I can’t take the credit because I always feel my paintings paint themselves.

wait - I’m intrigued - which country and who is tinkerbell?

well the netherlands, its not on any world map. dont try too search it. we are stealthy
here is the wiki on her, its in dutch so use google translate.
and if you are like whut, then it has probarly translated ok.
i am the link

thank you for the non disturbing art !
i am not afraid of big bunnies…
i am not afraid of big bunnies…
take care

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thank you alias i am cured .
i love bunnies…
i love bunnies…
the nightmares have gone…
take care

well… i havent told you about my fee…
and yes there is one.

so, so sorry - I was totally going to mention that it’s rather dark - big bunnies and all - then I spaced…

that’s okay…( he says shaking )…joking
take care

That first one really scared me. poor little girl.
the second one also scared me… poor little girl
The fourth one scared me a bit… poor little girl
The fifth really really scared me… very poor little girl
The six one sort of scared me… poor little girl.

Why does this man hate little girls? Maybe he’s afraid of them? Now I am intrigued, did he have a daughter die and is haunted?

He does paint little ladies in distress a lot - I do not think he hates them
I am not very knowledgeable in as far as his matrimonial affairs go but I am pretty sure he is a happily married man with - I think - multiple children. I don’t think he is a threat to society but his art does scandalize - which is OK - and art is notorious for doing just that
He might also have a little bit of your milk carton thing going on for him - as in - worrying about little ones and how fragile they are

KInda creepy and kinda neat.

Yeah, I like Esher too.

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well than you may like TINKEBELL
lol art fanatics… sjeesss

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Albrect Durer. This one is over my bed.