Art and Madness

Lady of the Mountains
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What do you guys think? I took a picture of this large painting my mother painted over a months time. She wasn’t manic “per se” but she was going through a lot and I think this is a perfect example of how amazing stuff can come out of people afflicted with depression and madness.


I like the picture. Churchill was manic-depressive. He also painted.


I think you have to be a bit nutty to be creative. To come up with new ideas and paint them.

This picture is what it is all about. Thank you for sharing. Show more of her work if you can.


I’m not sure I have anymore of her paintings in picture format, but she’s painted some awesome stuff. This was done in oils, and it was even brighter in real life.

hey honestly that is one of the best paintings i’ve seen in a long time,
i look for the sz x factor and that’s great, i love it, would love to see anything else by this artist.

was walking by an art gallery window recently, saw this,
about a month ago; place was closed but took down the name
found the website and downloaded the picture.

not nearly as good as this find of yours,
but it’s the last thing i saw that caught my eye,
tiger escapes from circus…


Creativity is the embracing, and accepting of madness. The only embracing and accepting it ever gets.

With color, insane, intangible, incognizant things becomes alive. Become real.

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Lately I’ve been thinking about starting an Etsy site to make money while I look for a steady job. I want to get into all sorts of crafts, and I’m going to try and paint some stuff too. There’s a way you can make prints of original paintings so you don’t have to sell the originals.

This is a digital collage I did of Tori Amos.

You can make art out of anything it if you can think it you can do it!


I like the picture with the roses.

Thanks I did that in photoshop.