Favorite artist

Peter Pans sidekick?

lol, yes… humm. ponders… yes tinkerbell was peter pans side kick.
only this tinkerbell is insane, then peter must be… humm… whats more than insane…?

thats remind me off this

“VERY insane”? “EXPONENTIALLY insane”? “Insane to the 10th power”? “50 degrees of insane”? “Mucho insane”?
“Ozzy Osbourne”? “Insane like a fox”?“Insaner”? Anyone who is on meth"?

all right - super sorry - and - trying to remember anything that I like that is not dark - this is ha-a-a-ard
but this one


ah yes thats one is nice, warm, soothing, comforting.
if i could i would leap right back in the womb… ok that might not sound a ok.
yet it is my feeling. please god undo me.

Durer makes me so-o-o-o jelly - like - he was making these perfect drawings with like silver stick (that you can not erase) at the age of twelve

Maybe he knew what he was doing. I think his rabbit is the best drawing ever made.

Have you studied art history?

Jelly-like…I’m not sure if you like that or not.

art history - yes - a little bit - not as much as I should have
I get jealous of art I like - it’s totally childish - but yes. a lot
Durer’s technique is ridiculously good - here - he did this self-portrait when he was a child

I also like Chagall…

I feel personally connected to Chagall - we are compatriots, if you please (and he also makes me jelly)

jackson pollock!

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I made my own “pollock” with red white and black, ill have to upload it later its on the wall of my bedroom

Thanks for the pics.