Fav music?

Ok so I have been depressed lately. I got some help from MUSIC. What are your favorite BANDS. Mine are: Flogging Molly, Marilyn Manson, Motionless in White, Deftones, Radiohead, Coldplay, Placebo, The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, G-Eazy, Drake…Fionna Apple, Tori Amos, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones. Please add your band to the list.

Linkin park !

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The cure, the smiths, suede, siouxsie @ the banshees, the sisters of mercy, the mission, placebo

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I like Coldplay too

My favourite band is Dead can Dance

Also like New Age music

And Islamic music

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OMG love you guys I love this type of music

Right now I’m listening to Daft Punk and lately more classic rock, Punk, PussyRiot, KMFDM, Interpol, yeah I like weird music I like indie too Bright Eyes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beatles, Rolling Stones. Music is my medicine.

You like an eclectic type of music.

I like hip hop my favorite rappers right now are Denzel Curry and Tyler, the creator.

I like mostly all musics but hip hops gotta be my favorite

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Tupac? Anyone? Yes. I love hip hop. Kanye West. I was listening to old school hip hop all night to fall asleep.

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OMG I just realized your username is TUPAC. Runs away

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Haha I thought you had seen it lol. Yes it’s Tupac. Scary coincidence. Have no fear. I’m not really Tupac :joy:

I like Kanye’s song with a few others ego death. Have u heard it???

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I like Ozzy Osbourne, Linkin Park, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Calpurnia are pretty cool, 2Pac, Eminem, Pink Floyd, Weezer, Soundgarden, Slipknot, Mastodon, QOTSA, Queen, NIN, Green Day, Motorhead, Pearl Jam, SOAD, Metallica, Slayer, Royal Blood, Blink 182, Dropkick Murphys, NOFX, Primus etc.

My choices vary between but not exclusively these. I like a lot of music. Probably the main thing I do is listen to these artists, but I have become interested in Podcasts recorded to YouTube recently, and Ted Talks

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My fav is I learned from Placebo when I was in line for a slip and slide and this was a tattoo on some guys back Im like thats gotta be a band. I looked it up and fell in love with the music.

Nice I have never heard that one.

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Fadetoblack me and you have similar music taste lol

We do!

I also like the Offspring. I have a tattoo sleeve derived from the Ixnay on the Hombre album cover

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