Famous voices

do any of u hear voices of famous people? i do all the time. mel gibson’s voice is in charge, closely followed by melanie brown. i have a list of over 170 different famous voices both dead and alive from the uk and america. what about u? anyone famous in ur head?

I heard haley williams tell me to quit masturbating to her…lololol that was my first hallucination, 18 and on my knees wanking in the am in the dark. It really freaked me out

I heard voices that tried to convince me they were famous.

I guess I don’t know who is famous or watch enough T.V. or movies to ever hear their voice. None of my voices are famous. If they were… I wouldn’t know.

Since I’m really shy, I notice famous people listening to me but I try not to say anything to them so they can really be listening to me and be reading my internal, intrusive thoughts. I’m uneasy that they can see the pictures in my mind. Some people who have done this were Bruce Willis, who said that I was thinking the bad thoughts to myself, Bart Simpson who for some reason is mad at me, Lisa Simpson who said I acting all phony at the local coffee shop, and Miss Piggy who I once liked but said I was acting ill and that everything was all an act. I know the last three were the actual characters’ voices but I don’t know their real names.

I never heard famous voices, only of my family and extended family.

I hear Bruce Willis aswell and Lisa and Bart Simpson but I haven’t heard miss piggy. I also hear Whoopie Goldberg and the friends cast but Mel Gibson and Melanie Brown r the worst atm.