Family included or excluded

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Did the doc in your case eyeball your family directly? Or did he just come from “policy?”

Some families are “crazy-making,” the docs don’t want them anywhere near the pt. (Think “Bakersfield trailer park with a row of gallon plastic jugs of drug store vodka just inside the door.”) Some are split into warring factions, often with a player here or there who needs the identified patient to Just Stay Sick. And some are truly conscious, committed and supportive.

I honestly don’t know the answer to that one. I just figured he was probably afraid of my Mom.

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That cracked me up! :laughing:
I think alot of people were afraid of me when I was with my son trying to get help for him! I know a mom can cause a lot of problems, but when she gets desperate trying to get help for a kid-and its not happening, or shes getting brushed aside, LOOK OUT!
Angry moms could win wars–
i dont like the Hippa laws in these type of situations. We are the caregivers, and we need to know whats going on-otherwise-how do we help?
Today-trying to set an appmnt for my son because he asked me to…HE has to be the one to call ( even if not entirely coherent!) "we dont want to violate his civil rights!!!! WHAT! Just an excuse not to have to spend the bucks to treat. Sorry J...didnt mean to hijack this…

You have a very good point… I was once brought in by police and the docs wouldn’t even tell my family where I was.

My Mom used to win when she would tell the docs… “Well if you won’t tell me anything then I guess you don’t need me to pay any of the bills either.”

the docs expect my mom to pay for the meds… but not know what meds she was paying for??? Some of the HIPPA stuff doesn’t make any sense.


**Ha! I will have to remember that one the next time :smile: **

In my case, my family causes and solves a lot of my problems. Two of my siblings are undiagnosed and not med-compliant, so my docs don’t like it when I spend too much time around them. They have a tendency to try and convince me to stop my meds despite my doc’s advice.

From what I gather, a lot of families are less than supportive. So it makes sense in a lot of cases to try to keep family out of treatment. If your family is supportive and helpful, that is a truly awesome thing, and I hope you thank them for being there for you.


My parents stay out of the way with me and my docs unless I ask them to come, which has happened once, I had my mom drive me to the psychiatrist and testify that I was in need of an additional major tranquilizer immediately. I sat there and told my pdoc everything and my then asked my mom what I cant see from first person and to state what she observed.

My parents are generally cool, they’re supportive when I am doing well and they remind me that I don’t have to do whatever it is I am doing when I seem obviously distressed. They also pick up my meds, I’ve never gotten my own meds other than once or twice with my mom or dads card.

My mom does things like the laundry too so I dont have to worry about it. My dad often cooks dinner, sometimes I do it myself.

They do sometimes hold me back inadvertently by reminding me that I dont even need to finish undergrad, that I do not have to become Dr. Mouse one day and that I do not have to be so hard on myself like when I do intropunitive/masochistic things.


Right now I stay with my mom and it’s an apartment and she’s retired, but I love her, she’s amazing. Except when I’m psychotic I think she telepathically talking to me, and I actually thought she was satan before like for real. Her voice was like a snake in my head. When sane I think she’s the greatest! She doesn’t bug me about stuff and knows how crazy I am. Oh and I use her car all the time while I save up for mine. It’s so weird how this sickness can twist my mind into thinking someone like her is evil…

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My Mom has been by my side… fought tooth and nail to get me a good doc… better meds… plugged into support groups and therapy…

And I used to think she was trying to have me killed… I used to think she was trying to poison me. I used to accuse her of some really horrid stuff…

Sometimes I hate my brain… it really messes up my mind.

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Some might just assume the stigma that you’ve been misdiagnosed perhaps. My dad is being harder on me and expects me to function normally now as I should I’m not sick anymore.

It’s a weird inner conflict between what I was told that I raged against and now everyone agreeing with me.

Yea I feel sorry for myself. What a nightmare I must be when I’m psychotic…I think everyone is after me and playing with my head.

I can guarantee you that most MHPs don’t like them any better than the pts or their family members… when the laws get in the way. But this is the era of POLICY and one size fits all regardless of the upshots.

bridgecomet: Did you tell me where you live? And did I get back to you?

yes, you did-and thank you!