When Psychiatrists Won't Talk to Families Everyone Loses


I see a problem cropping up with two of my brothers. The older one was given every advantage (including money to go to New York and other countries). The younger one believes that I’m the favorite. They are both younger than me. The truth is, I just paid my own way, so my parents appreciate that more. I paid my own rent through college and my tuition too. I didn’t make good grades, so I wasn’t helped much. Now we know why I didn’t make good grades though.


It`s worse now then it ever was…**

I have mixed feelings about this sort of thing, because my mother has some strong PD traits that mean she isn’t always a rational or morally trustworthy person. I wouldn’t want her to be able to be all up in my business. Then because I also get a lot of paranoia towards my mother, the more involved she is, I think the less cooperative I would feel, it would cause me severely increased anxiety to have her involved and would make treatment feel very demoralizing.

I wonder if there is some way that would be useful and efficient to help professionals gauge when to include family and when it may not be a good idea. From my perspective it seems too complicated, but maybe someone else could think of something.

I live with my Father, He sometimes will join me to talk to my pdoc (when he has concerns).

I really don’t mind, I have nothing to hide.

He signed consent forms my pdoc gave him, the very first session.

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When I was psychotic my mom usually went with me to the appointments, now I don’t feel comfortable, it’s my illness, my recovery, if she has concerns she’s welcome but since I’m doing great there’s no need.

It’s not that I’m psychotic - I’m not.

I’m under medicated and because of this, certain issues will crop up - it spills over and becomes a family matter.

To ease my Fathers concerns, I make him talk to my pdoc.

Its important that Family members get involved from time to time - especially when you share the same roof.

He will rarely join in on the session, but when he does I fully allow it.

My pdoc respects our professional relationship first and foremost.


I want my family to be as little involved as possible. They don’t need to know any more than what I tell them.

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