Fairy/tracers when I look at the sky. Anyone else see that?

When I look at the sky I can see like 1000’s of like tracers that are sort of white that like move a centimeter then dissapear but there are like hundreds of them bleeping in and out of existance at once. They look like what I imagine fairies would look like. Does anyone else see that?

Sometimes I just sit there and stare at them.


yeah used to all the time like a billion black dots flying around on a blue sky day, i think it is part of anxiety and being hyper alert, noticing everything that usually is filtered out. doesnt happen much anymore though

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I remember when I first saw them I thought " these are the fairie Angels to remind me of the world behind the world." That the baby blue sky color was a metaphor for illusion and dark blue was metaphor for the unconcious as represented by the depths of the sea and the night sky. amd the Stars told the stories of the fairies in myths and legends. But not even the sky in the day could hide from me the world behind the world. And that the tracers would be their to remind me in case I ever began to doubt or forget.

And that the ancient Mystics and shamans knew this and saw them too and projected their knowledge into the myths of the night sky into the stars because writing had not yet been invented and the night sky would remain.

I see falling stars alot of the time I look up in the sky.

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No but sometimes I see airplane contrails when the are doing experiments on us dropping chemicals and viruses.

i have that with royal blue glowy spots. they move and pop in and out of existence.
and sometimes black spots.


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Obviously you think about some type of Fairy Faith even when not seeing what you call tracers. Have you read The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries? In Chapter III. Anthropological Examination of the Evidence W. Y. Evans-Wentz compares and contrasts Fairy Faiths of world-wide cultures during the time the pre-Celts and Celts practiced their Fairy Faith.

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I looked into fairy faiths just a little just to see if the overarching mythos of psychosis existed their and it did.

I should check that out though. It is often so hard to remember everything clearly because it was so overwhelming and intense. But I remember the sky faries were their to remind me. I can’t believe I just wrote that an it sounds rediculous but their is a connection between the various religions and they typically center around that core myth and about another often seperate myth of the guy who discovers te truth. The guy who goes to hell and back.

Hmm that’s interesting. Well I’m not on meds I pretty much just went into hibernation a or like 7 months. I still have a lot of anxiety but the osychosis is mostly over but their are like leftover elements of it that I think might be permeamamt such as the tracers in te sky durring the day.

The thing is I don’t believe that the main theme of my delusions are false. Their were paranoid ones but they all fit into an overarching mythos. A mythos I have found to pretty much be the basis for all religion.

Their were specific episodes where the delusion was specifically terrible the ones where I was afraid everyone knew and was out to hurt me. But it fit into a larger context that is explained well in psychodynamic theory. To your jungs model I was having a confrontation with the archtype of the shadow. Durring these times I notticed the archetype of te shadow in film especially. The shadow man or hat man. And the myth is well portrayed in the original nightmare or elm street the story of darth vador and v for vendetta.

When the shadow takes on the gravity it does in psychosos I can understand getting lost in it but it serves a purpose all of ones repressed truamas are stored there.

I get the purple ones especially at night I think there just eye floaters

I think the falling stars I see are comets burning up in the atmoshphere. I see alot of them a month when I am out looking up at the stars in amazement at how far they are away.

Hmmm interesting. When I look at the sky at night it’s normal but the sky during the day.

I can see the eye floaters also and those are different. These are links hundreds if not thousands of white dots that bleep into existance move a little bit kand leave a trail and bleep out of Existance.

yeah still they are weird.

i have some floaters on my eye, that look like bacteria and if change focus they
move a bit with it. yet the glowy ones that pop in and out are way more strange.

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I see white lights sometimes don’t know why.

Holy crap! I see this too! Little circle things that fall and blue sparks!!!

It’s normal, people. Completely normal.

I found this thread a few months ago (it might even be how I found this forum to begin with) and it was so reassuring. This thing, at least, has a completely natural, physical explanation.