Facebook Losing the Next Generation?

I’ve heard that the young kids don’t do Facebook nowadays. They’re more into Instagram and Snapchat… etc.

Is this true? Is Facebook now just stuff that Mom and Dad do?


Yeah, Facebook is lame and uncool, now. Teenagers want spaces to avoid their family, not to be tagged in baby photos constantly.


That’s good. I’m glad Facebook is failing.


Facebook is a cult.

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I hate Facebook they are always tracking people. And I don’t like that .


I never had a Facebook account and never will.

My ex wife is on there begging for a future husband.

It’s so sad.


I heard that too.

Facebook is not a free service; you’re paying it with your personal info. The Cambridge Analytica thing proves what I just claimed.

My brother is a writer and says that when the rich/ poor divide becomes too vast, throngs of people will storm billionaire’s mansions like Zuckerbergs and hang them from the nearest lamppost.

Sounds a little far-fetched, but there may come a day…

Didn’t the common folk do that during the French Revolution? I don’t know - haven’t really studied it.

facebook is for keeping up with extended family

its essential, but not young and sexy and trendy

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