Deleting Facebook

As part of my recovering, I think it is essential to delete my Facebook. My consciousness is being dragged down by the fact that I still have an account. I want to move past AND above & beyond those friends & so-called “family”.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re probably caring people, but they have all moved way beyond being able to comprehend me. I hope I don’t end up in the same plane of existence as some of these folks because I just don’t care anymore about them or their family-building regimen.

They were gifted in that most of them didn’t really have to suffer. They successfully got married and are even rearing children. Hard to believe we used to play video games together and having a blast, and now I’m the odd one out with a debiliating illness but they’re as successful as ■■■■. Yeah, that’s just BS Sorry, but I only want to hang around people who actually earned their right to live - handed nothing but strife and came out on top. Those ar ethe friends I would contemplate having these days, not phony middle-class happy folk. I only had 49 friends on FB anyways. Big deal.

Facebook is just Facebook… we all need to cultivate real friendships online and offline and not just the occasional “likes” for a facebook photo or post.

To the degree that this helps you - good news.


What bothers me about fb, and most of others sociak networks such as instagram, is a pursuit of happiness and creating an illusion of perfect shiny lives for a big audience. In other words, literary everyone has to create an outside image that is happy, smiling, shining - its like a teror of joy - which not only contributes to culture of sexism and materialism but also feeds our collective inability to see things as they are, not as they could be.

(I wasnt thinking like this when i was there. II had very unpleasant experience with my account)

(Edit: also, when you find out that your extent family is stalking on you, trying to catch that little one second of sorrow, of course not to help you, but to feed their provincial needs for scandal). OK now I’m pissed. :imp:


Totally agree on this point. People post the good things - never the negative (or rarely) - so it looks like everyone has a better life than you feel about your own life. Its an illusion - but a powerful one. Good to keep in mind though.

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This is the NHS and the Independent’s take on it.


posting pictures of you to get “likes” is the most depressive thing ever.
even worse for males.

deleted my fb 3 times, now i dont have a picture, dont post anything, dont like anything, just use to contact people i dont have on whatsapp

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fb is a social tool for inclusion. it brings me jo that some of my old schoolmates are doing well. although it is all very superficial, keeping little tabs on ppl is ok in my book; i’m single, employed, and live with family… that is what I want others to know about me.


I have come out of the schizophrenic closet on Facebook. Some of my friends like my posts and the links I propose. I have deleted my account three times. I get Facebook fatigue. It’s interesting to see how different people present themselves. I find they all have something different to say. Some have agendas, like me. You can see the different personalities people have quite clearly. The friends I least like, like me the most. Some even socialize. I would advise not to feel resentful and angry at other people on Facebook. Who gets hurt? You do. I will promote myself here and suggest that, if you would like to know what it is like for a person with schizophrenia, which you all already know, go to my site. My timeline is headed by my own name, the one that is here on this site too.

i have some nice friends on fb that i comment on sometimes, i like to give people likes when they do something good or nice or if they achieve something because i guess i would like them to like my posts if they were good etc, i dont just post good things though, i try to post good things as much as i can but sometimes i post negative things and i might get a few comments about that.

so like me.

I am not in FB too. They can neither understand me nor know me. So no point to talk to them in FB or anywhere else.

I post both good and bad but have been told I shouldn’t be so “open”.

I posted so much crap on Facebook back when I was unstable. Then I deleted my account a few years ago. 95% of my friends list are people I never want to see again and who probably also think badly of me now. No point looking back, there’s nothing worth salvaging from that part of my life.

Edit: I have a fake account with a fake name and a few actual friends but I don’t use it anymore.

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I tried FB for some time, but then I deactivated my FB account. I did not have many FB friends and so I decided to discontinue the service, one of goals FB has is to make people addicted to their service, well I did not become addicted. I personally write more positive things and I do not write anything when I am depressed. Positive is better than negative.

Im boerd of facebook…I don’t like it

Facebook is where I…

  • Promote my businesses at no cost.
  • Get the majority of my new business.
  • Network with important people in my community.
  • Keep in touch with remote family and friends.
  • Find a fresh stream of funny cat videos.

I find it to be a Godsend for those of us who have difficulty with F2F socializing. Too much being around people winds up my symptoms. Facebook is an ideal compromise for me. The trick is to not let it take over my life.

I don’t try to present a fake life on Facebook where everything is shiny, but I don’t think people need to spew every frustration they have there, either. It’s an online public commons. No one needs to hear me shouting out loud in my inside voice, that’s for certain. I’m okay with taking part in the occasional spirited debate, but for the most part I like to keep things pleasant and devoid of drama.



I didn’t read thoroughly what others posted but i have my facebook account so i can keep in touch with my childhood friends and family. They want to see my pictures, happy and well. Now i’m on vacation, i post often but i don’t have an image to maintain. A lot of people do that. Taking pictures is a form of art. A lot of people who have instagram accounts, just want to express themselves in beautiful way. Just because you think other people look happy and haven’t suffered, doesn’t mean they haven’t. Everyone has highs and lows and we all have our own challenges.

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