Facebook cull crazy

I’ve gone Facebook cull crazy . Have unfriended all those from the FB IQ tests group that have not responded to any of my posts .


I do that once I have about 150 people.

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Gone from 138 to 84 . Around 58 was the number I had before posting on that IQ group .

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When I was 21 y.o., I had over 800 FB friends before SZ, later when in psychosis and paranoid, I deleted many and some deleted me and some even blocked me. Now I have around 150 but I only talk to three friends online.

I used to hang out with these three friends before adding them on FB when I was on Abilify. No real life friends now though.

Some of my real life friends were drs, brain surgeon, cardiologist (best friend from 10 to 25 y.o.), pediatrician, pharmacists and dentist.

They all ditched me when they knew I had SZ. I thought drs were more considerate towards mental illness, I guess not. My 3 online friends are not drs.

I have 193 but probably 100 of that is from the cricket club who I don’t talk to regularly. Rest are family and friends and I’ve gotten rid of a lot of people especially those who talk too much rubbish. Too old to deal with rubbish. :slight_smile:

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