F-ck it, narcissitic

blames you for everything

won’t listen to a thing you say

absolutely no empathy

tells you everything they’ve done for you to hold it over your head, not out of goodness of their heart

determines what is true or not from a limited lens

is a control freak

won’t take advice

lives by nothing but belly and pecker

wants to deny you everything in cooking, living, or driving.

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Who are you talking about? Phil?


I dated a narcissist too. I’m glad it’s over now.

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It will probably get much worse before it gets any better. He knows what he can get away with and he’ll use it at will. There must have been good times in the beginning but those days are long gone.


I wish you had a more supportive man in your life. Fortunately for me I found one. Don’t let people control you or bring you down. You are your own self and need to be cherished and loved by someone good.

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Daze where did you run into my ex husband ?

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sorry honey, didn’t mean to pull up old memories.

Oh he brings himself up by still trying to talk to me after being divorced 4 years cause "he’s the only one that knows me "
He’s just a sad person to me now.

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ah Daze, don’t forget how everything they have done, if a success. they did all alone.
Anything that went went wrong, well, you know, it was all your fault.

Not to mention how they dismiss you as insignificant, until they need a hand, and if you don’t immediately drop what your doing and do what they want they withold all affection and attention until you’re so starved you’ll take what little they are willing to give without a fuss.

If they cant control you they arent happy

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You know, you deserve better treatment. I remember being stuck in an abusive relationship. Thought i deserved what i got. But you don’t. You’re better than that. I wish you’d just walk away before you get hurt worse or end up dead.


that’s the exact words from my mother.

She still lets me come to her. Glad she hasn’t given up.


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