Lousy Month

My girlfriend is in the hospital again. Her doctor kept screwing with her meds and she’s had a breakdown. She’s doing well but they just put her on Clozaril today and the doctor told her it could take a few weeks to reach an effective level in her system and they don’t want to release her until it does. That means she could be in there for another two to three weeks.

I’m glad she’s in a safe place but the separation and worry are staggering. I’m also concerned about her school and job, being away for three or more weeks could ruin both. She takes great pride in both and it would be a terrible blow to her if she lost them.

In the end I just want her to be well. The fact that there’s nothing I can do really bothers me. This month sucks.


Sorry man that sounds rough.

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Yeah I am sorry @Malvok - Clozaril is a very good med, I am sure she will get back to stabilizing soon

@Malvok I am so sorry about your girlfriend. I hope she doesn’t lose her job and home. Sorry you are having a bad time dude.

wondered where you’d got to. so sorry to hear this hunni. wishing her a speedy recovery and hope you can hang in there. always here if you need a chat.

I hope she feels better soon.

Very sorry to hear this. have you been seeing her a lot at the hospital? Thats doing a lot for her! Has she been able to talk to anyone at her job about whats happening-hopefully she can get FMLA. Lots of paperwork,but worth it for her job.
prayers to both of you!

sorry malvok, can you visit her or anything?