Experience with HALDOL?

hi, I am currently on clozaril for my schizoaffective disorder. my symptoms have been so bad lately. my therapist suggested I call my psychiatrist to discuss adding a new medication. my sister, who is a psychiatric nurse, suggested i go on Haldol again. i was on it about 15 years ago when i was first diagnosed with schizophrenia. the doctors took me off of it because it made me so sedated i could barely talk. i am wondering if i take a very low dose, it may help and not be so sedating. my dr. is calling me tomorrow, and i have an appointment with him soon. does anyone have any advice or experience with Haldol? any information would be appreciated! thanks!

The Haldol decanoate shot really quieted my head-too much for my liking.
10mgs a night was just right. Too bad I don’t have access to a Pdoc anymore, or I’d try and get another prescription.

I really cannot say that I like Haldol. I’ve been taking this drug for the past 6 days, and I haven’t had any relief from the voices that I hear. I’ve heard on the internet that relief is typically immediate once you start treatment with Haldol.

I take 4.5 mg every night. It doesn’t really make me sleep and I do not feel sedated on it, and there are really no side effects on me whatsoever, other than perhaps feeling a bit less motivated to do things.

Have you thought of Seroquel? This could be an option. I’d love to be able to recommend Haldol but based on 6 days of taking the pill, it doesn’t really do anything to me.

I’d try the newer meds first. But for some people Haldol is the only thing that works.