Existentialism is so fantastic

Have been reading a bit of Existentialism (a type of philosophy) which lays the emphasis more on Existence and Individuality/Freedom (of both choice/perception and interactions) and it is just so spell-bounding and fantastic…its almost unbelievable.

Anyone who has read on this can suggest some good books on Existentialism?.

This sounds like a question for @Sarad. She’s got some things going on right now, so I’m not sure if she’ll be on today, but hopefully she’ll check in soon.

Rhuby is overrating my knowledge as always…
Well they wrote a hundreds of books to explain this simple sentence: existence precedes essence…
I guess it would be nice to start with a funny and smart introduction, and this is the best one for that:
Then you should check out Jean Paul Sartre ( “Humanism and existentialism”; “Nausea"novel) and Albert Camus ( " The Stranger”, essays) also don’t forget the holy script of H.G.Gadamer’s “Truth and Method”…and if you can read that the rest will follow by itself.

Thank you so much @Sarad – thanks !. Ill start up with reading Humanism and existentialism…u solved my weekend crisis

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@Sarad’s recommendations are good ones for grasping the philosophy via the literary experiences of the characters in those excellent books. Here are a few titles wherein the concepts of existentialism are utilized in psychotherapy:

All of the following psychotherapies are built on existential principles:

10 StEP –

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