Exhausting and funny ! a busy night

so i let the aliens in last night, all the normal ones i know, the blue ones, the dark ones (my kind ) and these little ones with big eyes that have been hanging around.
things were going fine then they started attacking me.
so i killed them all, but they were just too many of them, so eventually my head was exploding so i just gave in.
the little ones tore into me and ate me. i came back to life.
the dark ones ate me and burnt me alive. i then came back to life.
the blue ones threw me into a pit with no end . then i came back to life.
i have no fear, so i think it was a test ?
but they are still screaming in my face or snarling at me, hissing and stuff.
i am used to demons doing this but now aliens?

anyway i was talking to myself and saying " it was just a test " and i looked down and my 5 piggy banks, all cartoon creatures turned their heads and looked at me and said in unison.
" yes, it was just a test !?! ".
gotta love being sz.
take care


If this is just one day in the life of yours @darksith how do you do it? How the hell do you keep your head above water in life?

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Did they use sauce or just eat you dry?

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i have been doing this since i was a kid, my parents were more frightening than any monsters i have ever encountered.
take care


their taste was not refined, they didn’t even use salt and pepper or have a napkin…
take care

Oh my, no napkin?
I have to revise my thinking of them.

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