Harmless aliens


I was feeling fine, just fine, perfectly healthy, i could smile.

They seeped into my brain. The entire earth became a nightmare full of pain and screams, organisms writhing in agony, none could find true rest. The anxiety, stress, and terror from this unnaturally occurring information was immense, i popped, i cracked and began pacing around.

A voice began telling me it was going to crush me like the dead lizard on the ground. That was it. I was finished and it was going to hurt. They’ll make you shudder to say the least.

We go to leave and an alien walks in the room and stares at me, i looked down at the ground. I couldn’t look at it.

I spent the next month in a sleepless state of pure hell and fear and agony. Non stop threats like “we’re going to torture you forever” and “we’re defeating angels” and “your family will be hurt very badly and it’s your fault”. It didn’t stop either.

They were saying creepy things to. Like messing with me on the toilet while i was trying to go to the bathroom, they said some kind of crazy and evil queen was down there with her brood eating my ■■■■. Or the time they said they were doing things to my family when they went into the bathroom, that was creepy ■■■■.

It just didn’t stop and was such a horrible feeling, i don’t know how i survived really, and i almost didn’t. I ended up in another city across country trying to kill myself after throwing my bus ticket away, in a flash i saw my life as i was and said ■■■■ it im dying.

So don’t worry guys. Aliens are harmless. They won’t hurt you. They are good people.

Aliens and fourteen years of hell goes hand in hand. They are entirely malevolent. Don’t trust them, they’ll ■■■■ you up. They’ll ■■■■ you entire life up for a very long time.


They were also force feeding my brain very frightening and creepy information, these were the delusions.

And once it is put in there thats it. You can’t even not believe it, it’s just in there and your brain thinks it’s real. Nothing you can do about it.

It was torture. And still is.

Aliens are great! Perfectly harmless. They love you.

They don’t own the earth or anything, it’s fine, they are good.