Exhausted and can not sleep =(

I was in bed for at least 3 hours and just could not fall asleep =(
I got up, took my vitamins and sarcosine and made coffee.

Honestly if I work for like 2 hours it will be great. Maybe I can ‘force myself’ :unamused:

It is almost 4 am.
We have planned some things for today, I hope I feel okay enough to actually go out.

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:frowning: anything In particular in your mind ? Do you feel it racing ?

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I’ve been having some trouble getting to sleep, the last few nights myself. Part of it is the humidity, and part of it is because my brother and his family are in town. Last night, I put some S. Carey on one of my iPods and I think I finally conked out by the 5th or 6th song on the album.

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no nothing hon, I took my med far too late I guess and had a few drinks. Messed me up.

I have to figure out quickly how to regulate my anxiety though, to either take L Theanine or ask my doc for some solution for the racing thoughts and just the freaking out for no reason. Sometimes I am getting fearful of someone breaking in or some other things.

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You definitely need to talk this over with pdoc , thoughts racing can be a whole different challenge and doesn’t help trying to sleep. Also don’t have coffee before bed☝️ And no coke.


It is 5:30 am and I actually finished some work! Heh :o)

I have to brush my teeth so many times during the day if I vape for a few minutes. I guess the sugary stuff is horrible.

Time for my pills, I will eat some banana too.

The sun is almost out, maybe I can take a picture

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