Exceptional talent or sz delusional?

Hi, for those of you that have heard my tunes, do you think I could compare to radio level music or am I far away from such ? Honesty please. Being sz I’m not a good judge I don’t think

I think you have radio quality. Not a delusion.


Ty Minnii. Maybe I should try to air them

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I sometimes make music on my computer. I know it sounds narcissistic but I love my own music - it is exactly the type of music I like. Put a couple on sound cloud but that is about it.

Keep up with the music - it could make you a millionaire some day!

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As a fellow recording artist, I believe your stuff is radio ready. :smile:

@dudius has some clever hooks to boot. Perhaps he’ll post some of his stuff on this thread as well. I think you’d enjoy it too!

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Ty. I’ll research radio play

What about streaming services? I’m not sure you’ll make much money from them though, they don’t pay much per ‘stream’, but it’s something else to consider maybe.

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I agree, I’m looking into internet radio. I don’t care for money really anyway.

I enjoy my own music but don’t think mine is radio quality…mostly because the rap on the radio these days has no substance. All it’s about is money bitches and guns. Mine is different. It’s a hard business to get into, the music business that is I wish you luck but do think your stuffs good enough but there’s no guarantee. Work hard try hard. Keep it up .

I made this today


All things flourish
In the land of nourish-ment
Including the damned…

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Awesome rhymes man !

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