Everyday I feel like I'm dead

Let me explain first, I don’t know if I have brain regressed, I don’t know who shares the same symptoms that I have, I was mind raped, when the symptoms started my mind would reproduce these killing scenerios, over and over… its as if I was posessed.

People started to cough outloud, and I would do it right back with anger in my heart, I thought that peoples lifes were taken away because of me, or the tumor so they say. People make me believe I’m the devil

Fast foward 2 years, and there I am thinking I’m putrid inside and my perception of people is as if they were dead, I have smelled funky odors here and there, I dont know if their dead odors or what

These pills dont work at all, is it going to get better? People tell me my death wont matter

You will get better. Keep taking your meds. The odds are in your favour.

Thanks I wonder who else hace had these symptoms

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