Everybody hurts

i love this song-


and this-


I like the Verve - there is a song I think its called Blue? Good band

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i’ll post it-

i like this too-

join in if you want!

if you cant post i’ll try and post it up for you

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Thanks daydreamer!! I also like catching the butterfly. I saw U2 in concert a while ago

here’s another of mine and i love her video-

here’s yours-


Very cool, you are the best, thanks

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Thank your for bitter sweet symphony.

I can change… :sunny:

R.E.M. One of my favorite bands. I have EVERY one of their studio albums (cd’s).

huh, i always thought it was i cant change.
No change, I can’t change

or is that your optimistic twist too it.?


talk talk such a shame


everything is a sin, how you can eat meat… its murder, maybe not by you. still you eat it.
is it a double-edged sword?
you eat it because you need too survive, yet couldnt you eat tofu?

I just looked up the lyrics. Your right.

I am an optimist.

on what video?

its a shame? or
its a sin?

ah well good for you, i envy you.

Bittersweet symphony by the verve.

They do say they can’t change…

But I can… :sunny:

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you either are unique or ignorant, no offence.
i heard the phrase once, we cannot change, we only tend too get more mild.
as hard i try, i think i would be the same more or less.

thats ego i suppose?

i like this song too-