Every time I think of my parents age

I start to panic. My mom is 85 and my dad is 88. I’m so scared that they won’t be around forever. I can’t imagine life without them. I’m sick with worry.


Feelings of anxiety about elderly aging parents is pretty normal. I know it’s difficult but try not to panic about it. Enjoy the time you have with them.


I hate this covid. I miss them so much

My Dad is 86 years old and I worry all the time.
It’s natural.

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I see my elderly mom every week or two, to deliver her groceries to her house. I’m filled with anxiety whenever I visit her at her house in case I bring COVID-19 cooties with me from the store. I don’t even hug her because I’m worried she might catch something from me, and I try and stay 6- ft away from her. When I had to drive her to the eye doctor last week, I wore a mask in the car because of the close environment. Maybe I’m just being excessively cautious. I don’t know. :worried:

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Never too cautious I think

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