Fear of losing my mom

She turns 80 this year…lost my dad last year…don’t want to lose her. She goes to the doctors and is in good health right now…she still smokes a half a pack of cigarettes a day…afraid.


Don’t mourn the loss of your mother while she’s alive.

Just enjoy the time you have with her and cry about it when she actually dies.

I have to remind myself of the same thing.


Yeah, my father is 88 years old.
Death is on my mind also


I think about the possibility of parents death as well. I try not to keep it on the forefront of my mind. Too be honest, though, my dad is so active it’s possible he could outlive me.


@Charles_Foster yes, you’re right…I cherish the memories I make with her these days…just don’t want it to end…!! @Wave sorry man…hope he lives a long time.


Thanks @jukebox

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My dad is turning 90 this year. His age is approximate as their record keeping was very bad. My mom is going to be 83 and is crippled. My dad recently started showing me where all his accounts are and a special needs trust he has me under. He has been discussing abolishing the special needs trust and having things go directly to me. I really appreciate his trust he is putting in me to handle my own life if this becomes the situation. The fear of losing them is real and since I lost my dog I found out I can’t accept death.


My dad has the flu and has been sleeping for 4 days in a row. My mom’s blood pressure was 190/110 last night. I’m scared for them. It’s freaking me out thinking about losing my parents.

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My 81 year old mum is in care home for the last year she hates it and gets confused we visit every day but it’s horrible situation


Spend time with her while she’s here. I only have my mom left. She’s only 61. But you never know. I try not to think about death much anymore. It’s gonna happen.

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I totally get this. My parents are 75, and I know they’re in the last phase of their lives. I’m just hoping they can be those old people who live into their mid-90s.

My dad is still really spry, and climbs around and does work around the house when he’s not lawyer-ing and CPA-ing. So that’s good. But I’m close to my dad, and I’m already frightened of losing him. (Not to mention, he’s my source of income, and I don’t know what I’ll do without him.)

I don’t want to live in Florida, but for now I’m staying put instead of going back home to LA or NYC, for the simple reason that I like having my dad (and mom) 10 minutes down the road.

I’m sorry you lost your dad last year…


Yeah what happens when your biggest support dies before you?

The one who loves you most…
The one who cares for you…
Perhaps the only one who truly cares for you….

And if those “family “ left don’t like you and hate you and suppress you and are bad to anc for you.

How does one cope with such a thing.

I know there are people on the forum without family or loved ones.

Is one cared for by strangers then…
Paid staff…
Are they professional or abusive…

How vulnerable one may be.

You have your wife @jukebox so that’s support and you have family.
Still a huge overwhelming loss.


I lost my dad. I’m afraid of losing my family. It scares me too.


Wow. All of your parents are up there. My mom died before she was 60.


My parents are in their 50s now and im growing more anxious about this. My dad has a very physical job, im sure that helps in some regard, but also know it can be a stressful job. They both have significant health issues and refuse to see a dr. Now theyre raising my brothers 3 kids so theyre very stressed. And my therapist thinks they have undiagnosed personality disorders, and they frequently argue and my moms an alcoholic. They smoke too. So yeah im pretty on edge about that and try to get them to take their health seriously. My grandma died of lung cancer and was a smoker for a very long time and yet my mom doesnt feel motivated to quit.

190 is dangerously high. I hope she sees a doctor about it. You can buy a decent blood pressure monitor for under $40.

I have both parents living and paternal grandmother living. My great grandfather died in his 80s, but my great grandmother only passed last year at 104. So you never know… could have a lot of living left to do. My grandma is in her 80s and is still partying it up. I worry about my sister the most. Epilepsy.

thanks to all who posted…I am sorry most of you lost someone dear to you…

She went to the doctor and got a pill for blood pressure

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