Ever tried to read children's books?

I tried. It’s too late. I missed the boat. I was not a reader when I was a child. I can remember reading a few books and while they were great they weren’t better than my imagination, which I was lost in.


I’m re-reading the Lemony Snicket books. They’re marvelous.


don’t give up on reading…for the longest time I just resolved to believing I couldn’t read anymore…now I read four pages per setting…it’s doable, you have to keep trying.


I’m reading my kid’s books sometimes, either because I was reading to him, or I’d pick it up after he finished it. There’s some good ones, and some funny ones.

I want to re-read Momo, from Michael Ende I think. It is a children’s book also fit for adults. It’s was of my favourites then. It’s about a little homeless girl who lives slowly, with attention to others and with lots of imagination. When the world is going to ruins because of the time thieves, who convince everyone to save time and live in fast-paced ways, and steal their time of life, she tries to rescue her friends and the world.

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I regularly read my Enid Blyton books when I feel like something easy and comforting

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I still have the German childrens books that my grandmother (Oma in German) sent me when I was a small child. Each book has a short handwritten note written to me from my Oma.


I read books of poems by Shel Silverstein:

Where the Sidewalk Ends
A Light in the Attic

Also Mother Goose
I remember these books as being pretty amazing but also not better than my imagination. Maybe the helped my imagination though.


Yes I regularly read childrens books. Only cause I have a one year old though.


I like to read YA books when I’m looking for an easy read. Mostly I stick to science fiction though. Right now I’m reading a nonfiction book called The Pink Line about queer stories across the world. Just in time for Pride month:)

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I took a children’s literature course. I think I got an A.

I read all right, I just don’t like children’s books. What do you need to read for, you’re the guitar man?

haha got me…I like tor read very much…makes me happy.

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