Ever think to yourself "I'm not a well person"?

I’m having one of those moments now

Yup :disappointed_relieved:
Hope you feel better soon.

I’m thinking I’m not going to have pain today,

sure hope my thoughts are right.

but being well,

Yes, very often actually, hope you get better soo

I probably think this every day. Lately, due to someone’s good influence, I think I am going to stop calling myself SZ.

I’m very conscious that I am not a well person. It’s more apparent when you interact with me face to face. Sometimes I think I am a walking catastrophe, and I break everything I touch. I just got a paid chore cleaning the bathrooms. I was dumping my mop water in a sink in the dining room, and the sink came off the wall. It had been ages since I mopped in that area, and I figured they’d have that sink fixed by now. I was wrong, and all my mop water went on the floor, and I had to mop it up. Why do these things happen to me?

I know it to be true, but it’s not like it really matters because I’ve taken certain measures to cope with it, such as blocking my uncle on Facebook because all he ever does is write to me in a condescending fashion about how the government is going to round us up for extermination at any given time and I just can’t live like that like he can. So I figure I must be doing a lot worse than him mentally.