Ever seen demon eyes?

While I was in psychosis I started freaking out because everybody’s eyes went straight black. There was no color or white spots. It freaked me out. I saw a music video afterwards that look exactly like what I saw. It’s called Pompeii by Bastille.

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I’ve seen that in nightmares. Never while awake though. It was very scary.

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I saw demon eyes all the time! Exactly like how you described, with the black colour. I also saw other colours, like a bright reddish gold, a dark red and a vivid neon blue (I started associating that colour with angels, but the others, with demons). I also saw just black melted eye sockets that looked like they were melting down someone’s face. At first I saw all these just when watching TV but then it started happening in real life with people I was talking to, sometimes only one of their eyes would change mid-conversation, but more often two, and it got very confusing because I couldn’t figure out if the person was aware of this or not, or whether it was like some other entity influencing them or something.

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I’ve seen melted eyes but not demon eyes

All through grade school: They’re called ‘Teachers’.

Just in old pictures! Red eye.

I watched that music video before, good song. Thatd be pretty scary tho seeing black eyes like that. Did you look at your own eyes in a mirror to see if it happened to you?

Yes I looked, my eyes were always normal…well except sometimes I could see them dilating weird. My partners eyes also never went black even when everyone else’s eyes were. There was this one time that he had two pupils in each eye. It was creepy, I thought he was holding alien babies in his pupils at the time. Never saw the melting eye thing. I wonder what causes these sorts of visions.

I’ve had demon eyes verbally described to me. It was very scary. I’ve hallucinated monster eyes. They were scary too.

I have experienced a being’s eyes going black while wide awake during the day. Freaked me out and has put me on edge along with a plethora of other things I have experienced since then.

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Not daemon but Angel eyes yes

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