Has anyone had a visual hallucination about something...Dark?

Last night, my mom went to check on me and i saw blood dripping off her face and off the ceiling. Then a hooded person was standing by my mom saying “You deserve nothing, you should die. No one wants to be your friend”.

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Not quite the same thing but I sometimes see horrible faces when I close my eyes. I’ve seen faces with blood running from the eyes, just floating in front of me…

It must be so scary to see that from your mom. Usually when I see people’s faces change it’s funny. Like their face shrinks on their head, or floats in front of their head.

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I am with you on this hun I see people crawling on the ground with blood just like you. sometimes when I’m out in public some people look like they were murdered but their walking or standing there like their okay it’s like a nightmare that never ends

I do not have visual hallucinations but I have images in my mind related to paranoia that can be very gruesome.

Yes. One time I was seeing dark men in trench coats following me around. Some of them were carrying guns and some of them were pointing their guns straight at me. Scared me to death.

i had seen something similar a month ago.

I’ve had a demonic rams head in the corner of my room ! Scared the crap out of me

One of the hallucinations, was a grim reaper lookin demon sitting by the foot of my bed while i tried to sleep.

I saw a bloody baby-like demon creature one night, watching me from the other side of the room. It was kinda odd.