"Erase schizophrenia from your life!"

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. How did my parents think that I could possibly erase that from my life?

I just don’t understand. What the heck?

Like I do not understand it at all. They believe that I am 100% cured and I don’t need that in my life.

I am so confused.

can your parents read and write in English? If they can, introduce them to the family forum of this site. Let them be educated in this particular illness on this site.

Do they understand what a chronic disease is?

Do they understand what cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are?

My family would not want that- they are strongly opposed against any community related to my illness. :frowning:

First question: No.
Second: Yes.

Well, you can try to make an analogy. And for the most part if we are medicated can reach the point to seem pretty “normal”.

My mom during a car ride from church: “I don’t want to admit that you had schizophrenia! You are just stupid! Stop thinking that you have schizophrenia! I don’t want YOU to tell your counselor about your experience with hearing voices! I don’t want others to know!”

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My daughter has some health problems. Not SZ, but a few. I don’t expect that she can erase them, that would be stupid. I do expect that she can overcome them and have a good life in spit of them as she’s smart and capable.

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