Parents reaction to learning you have sz

How did your parents react to the fact you were diagnosed with sz ?

Mine are in denial, everytime i tell them it’s like i tell them for the first time.


Mine are in denial too.

They think I just have depression with “tendencies”.

Schizophrenia is totally different.

My mother regularly encourages me to go off meds and use more holistic methods.

It’s ridiculous.


When I was first diagnosed and my parents googled the symptoms they were like yeah this makes sense this is totally you. They were never in denial about it.

My mom goes back and forth though with encouraging me to take my meds and telling me to get them reduced (usually when I’m way too sedated).

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They treated me like a fncking ■■■■■■ until they came to terms I can live and function normally.

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For two years after diagnosis I just took the pills and we basically ignored it, but I was in a bad way due to side effects.

Once I started actually trying to understand more did things become a problem.

I gained 35 kilos on Olanzapine as I have mentioned many times here, and I was determined not to get diabetes, so I have been fighting to be on meds that don’t make me put on more weight.

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My mom denied it too. When I went into remission in 2005, she believed I was cured. I didn’t know any better and believed it was just depression and that it wouldn’t come back.

As a result I didn’t take note of the residual voices i heard and thought my excessive religious behaviour was ok. I used to sleep on floor and whip my back with cords and wear a crown of thorns.

Then in 2012 my depression came back and then paranoia and self harm and the rest of it.

My mom still struggles to admit I have sza. When I told her recently on whatsapp of my latest visit to pdoc and my diagnosis of sza and borderline, she didn’t respond. She probably feels uncomfortable with it. She hates seeing me so ill.

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My parents were scared. They did a lot of research on schizophrenia so that they could try to understand. My mom treated me like I was fragile glass. They were both very supportive and still are. I am lucky to have good parents.

Now the problem is they worry too much. I can’t leave the house without them worrying

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They weren’t surprised due to my latest behaviors, they tried bringing me to church before I was diagnosed but it didn’t help enough. My gf was the first to tell me that I am loosing it and that I might have a mental illness, she’s an atheist.

Mine did not know what it even was or meant

Lol, my dad, after 11 years of me having the same delusion: “is this the new thing?”

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I really don’t know how my parents feel about it. They are good at hiding their emotions. Like me.

Well tbh I think my mum especially was very upset for me. Probably my dad too but it’s hard to imagine.