Er...Why was my Tarot reading thread closed?

@ZombieMombie. Will do next time… I keep forgetting I can do that

im waving a white flag

@Kiltedman. She means the … At the bottom of the posts

why you be all jumping down my throat.

I like you a lot.

@Daze. Because just as yours isn’t my religion isn’t nonsense and tarot readings are part of my religion

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I don’t think I ever said that, honey.

I respect what you like.

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@Daze. Okay thanks daze :hugs:

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what like a stars n stripes flag

@Kiltedman. No a flag is like reporting something for review

Because people like me who suffered from grandiose delusions for years might find your thread to be triggering.

Its common sense really.

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As a new user you don’t have the ability to flag yet. When you become a member, you will start to see a flag icon atthe bottom of posts.

i like tarot cards its fun

i would never consider it a religion its just a bit of stupid fun

if i got certain cards it might freak me out

The Tarot is kinda Occult and part of many earth centered Religions.

Personally I don’t get my cards read anymore.

I also don’t smoke blunts. :crazy_face:

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I used to know my tarot card but then the fool sort of room over the entire tarot cards and science then I felt wacked out

The moderators are volunteers who do a great job keeping this website safe and supportive for all members. That said, in my humble opinion, the mods should enforce existing community guidelines, not write new guidelines or alter existing guidelines.

For example, astrology, correct me if I’m wrong, is now considered a religion. However, astrology has no deity, is not salvation-based, and has no theological basis. Following that logic one would have to consider Magic 8 Ball a religion.

I think we all have a personal responsibility to avoid threads that trigger us: I should not be able to close a thread simply because the thread triggers me. After all, what triggers me may not trigger you and vice versa. I would guess that 99% of threads do not trigger most people.

I’m now going to read a Harry Potter book.


In China fortune telling was big, but at the time religious books in the middle East were written fortune telling was considered evil.