Mea Culpa*

*meaning, “My Bad.”

Heya, guys.
As I have no intention of disrupting this server, I do apologise that I created something that was so easy to misunderstand. I thought I made it clear that I didn’t see my readings as anything other than fun, but I also suffer from this pernicious illness, and in retrospect I should’ve clocked that some could interpret the post as religious. I guess it didn’t occur to me, because I don’t connect this activity to religious belief.

I regret that I could’ve caused harm, and I want you all to know I do respect the rules on religion in this server. I didn’t intend to flout them or break them. I also respect the beliefs of others here and in life, so I will be more mindful in the future of how some things might be perceived in grey areas like this. Seriously, I apologize for any upset I might’ve caused to the mods or the users here.

See, I suffer from schizophrenia also, and this server has brought me a sense of community and healing in the short 3 days I’ve been here. I would regret losing the privilege of your company (that goes for ALL of you), so out of respect for this island of peace in a world crazier than we are, I will decline any requests for tarot readings… even through the pm. While I appreciate the positive responses to my little creative thought project, the way we respect shared public places separates us from the jerks.

Sending love and support to you all.
PS. I am not angry at the mods. Rules are rules. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about it. Was an honest mistake. Not everyone knows they’re part of a religion and can be triggering to some.

Threads get closed all the time. It’s not like it is anything you’d be banned for.


I wasn’t triggered by it, but maybe others were.

Take care, and try not to worry. :slight_smile:

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Honestly it’s ok @Sue_Bee
I didn’t know that it was your thread.
You are new here so I’m sure the mods take this into consideration.

All is good.

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Don’t fret. The religion rule is very unique to this forum and not one we expect new members to get right away. Closed threads are not meant to be a punishment in any way, and do not reflect badly on the OP.


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