Energy to Exercise

i worked outside for 8hrs today. yep that was enough and not by choice lol

i find that i have to want to do it,

if it is forced i cannot maintain it

if i could do anything it would be fishing, i would literally travel anywhere for some decent fishing spots
i could walk along the side of the river all day and take some lunch,

that would be the perfect exercise for me and i know that i would do it, i just don’t know how to plan my journey as it has to be near a train station and then there is the price of permits etc and where to buy one, thats why i haven’t done it yet bc its very complicated.

but it is an especially good idea bc you might get the reward which is a fish and that is something to savour.

here’s a song- duck sauce- NRG-

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I lift weights very intensely about three times a week. I take Geodon as my AP. I also take preworkout drink.

I was an advanced lifter before I became ill. I just kept it up and now I am pretty big because of it. Not fat, really buff.

At one point I as on a competitive power lifting team.

The emerging spring and the light of the Sun gives me more energy to exercise and be outside. When the summer comes I’ll be riding my bicycle 20-30 kilometers a day. Now I have to throw all winter clothes to the closet and take my summer clothes. Also good music gives me some energy boosts.

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In mid 2013 I had free time and decided to do P90X program. I lost 15 kg, 33 pounds. Search it on youtube. But now I don’t feel like it. It’s too extenuating.

When i take exercise seriously i can do quite a lot.
on Olanzapine i did Yoga 3 - 4x a week and worked on a farm those days 7 hrs, organic veg harvest or weeding.
I did teacher training in Kerala for a few weeks, but only did the first half of the course.

after a few years as a couch potato I started running for 5 years 3 - 5 x a week. At my peak i did very slow half marathons every 3 months for a year. a 16 mile training run burned me out.
haven’t done a lot of running since.

I cycled one year, did a 60 mile ride London - Brighton night ride, swam quite a bit, sailed and surfed skied for a few years and hit the gym to get ready for that!

But i have LONG breaks of a few years allllll the time.

I can be completely sedentary and am at the minute a short walk knackers me out. The last time i felt like exercise was last summer and I have done very little in that time.

It’s a bit of a NIKE just do it for me when i’m doing it.

at the minute i’m prob doing 2 - 3 thousand steps at best. I have a pedometer in the post finally and going to do my 10 000 as a health preventative cure all

I’ll take it slowly increasing and if it’s raining heavily i’ll probably stay indoors


i was dancing along!

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I’m kind of borderline manic person anyway, exercise gets me higher.

You know, I exercised so regularly even big, it really wasn’t that much effort to exercise so I don’t mind. My sleep has just been so problematic on psych meds & state pulls the pills for 2-3 days a month due to refill limits. It’s hell. I cannot go walking in the dark & cold either, it starts my skin blistering up. Costs so much to drive into city for the gym & it closes early. You know, if you can drag yourself to exercise for a couple of weeks, you will like it. For all the sedentary people, it takes 2 months to feel comfortable exercising unless you reached disabled big size, then you need to exercise in the pool to start.

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