EMDR treatment

There is a treatment option for those of us with PTSD, done through a therapist who specializes.

It involves intense talk reliving of the events that produced it, then manipulation of the therapists hands in which the patient follows with their eyes. It realigns.

Main problem is triggers.

I’ve had many for years now, and it also screws up my employment, health, sobriety, or mental condition.

I think this EMDR will help with the triggers though.

I’m writing emails and letters to try to get this to our troops, but I’m worried these men won’t see a therapist.

I tried EMDR, it gave me one of the worst panic/rage attacks of my life and I almost physically assaulted the therapist.

Definitely something that should be handled with care, by a therapist who knows what they are doing.

ok, I’ll keep that in mind.

There’s only one in my 60 mile range radius.

Have you ever tried Mindfulness Therapy?

@Daze, I’m so happy to hear from you. I hope this works for you, sweetheart :purple_heart:

You can also download an EMDR app for free. Maybe you could note that in your letters for speedy treatment. Idk how well it works since I have never had a real EMDR session with a trained person. I think it’s really great you are reaching out to the military to help.

Rhubot: :slight_smile: thanks

I asked my counselor at rehab about doing the EMDR on my own, and she said no, it won’t work that way, but I don’t know, seems like everything is online.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen loads of reports from people that EMDR helped them, so I think it’s worth it. However it’s really important for the person to be ready, to have learned proper grounding techniques, and to have a strong and trusting therapeutic alliance with the therapist, etc. I had only seen this therapist for a few weeks, I didn’t even know what grounding skills were, and she used a very provoking ‘theme’ for the very first EMDR exercise. It was basically bad practice. So just make sure you have a good therapist for it.

thanks. I’d like to go in with clearing all mutual expectations, what I want to get out of it, and what they want from me. And also what the requirements are to get there.

Is it just me, or does that sound like a really bad idea?


Agreed. I would definitely want someone trained on hand when dealing with serious triggers.

Not sure… My sister and I tried it and didn’t think it worked.