Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, could charge all users subscription fees

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Hahahah. Threads is quietly getting very usable now. All he’ll do is chase people to the new app now that it is mostly working.


I never used Twitter even when free lol


I dont think that would happen. Does not make sense. But who knows.


The 44 billion dollar writeoff is coming :sweat_smile:


I’ve been slower to turn against him… but even I can say I have no appetite to login. And this is growing.

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I tried Mastodon because it was touted as being much better than Twitter. It isn’t.


I still choose Twitter to login to rule out news of calamity. Like if I’m on the highway and I see all the cars/animals going the other way.

So I guess that it’s still my news source.

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You have to have an account to see news. Makes it useless to me since I deleted my account.

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If I’m sounding too cynical I don’t wish to be that way anymore.

It’s just the marketing of news “items”on the television nightly news to get you to watch the full half hour…

And the drug commercials…. and that one sensationalist feel good story they tack on at the end.

My folks get their news this way. sometimes I watch jeopardy with them so I see some of it.

its a conspiracy, i think Musk is being paid by Zuckerberg to destroy Twitter for a lot more than he paid for it, they are bothy filthy rich.

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Elon’s feelings are like the weather

He’s by far the worst thing to happen to Twitter

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Twitter is awful in every way. Good riddance.

I am never into Twitter or Elon Musk. The life runs without nevertheless.

My prediction is Twitter goes bust.

The internet is evolving back to its decentralized roots.

Platforms like AOL MySpace Friendster die out as the every new generation jumps on the next platforms.

But I’m just an observer and don’t participate in social media.

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I only lasted a week or two on Twitter

Honestly do not see the point

My time is spent on YT trying to get my information from non-traditional means

The mass media is a farce these days

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