Ekklesia yo

Der are deez a here people mon, they der called dem “ekklesia”. Dis a here word here literally mean “called out ones”.

Called out of what do yah know?

Well, Dis a here earth basically diablo da video game. All of us naturally deez a here charachters in game, da deeper you go in der the richer and more powerful day all become yah know. Of course a each a level have it’s leader or boss mon.

So deez a here “ekklesia” be a taken out of all of dat. And den a mon they put through some sheet, being deeza people not no choice, they just a taken against will. Day a basically just standing der and day they taken out.

And you ah no tink dis a here eart diablo dah video game mon? Well, you just ain’t payin ah no attention den mon.

So ah here be how it work. Who taken out or called and why? As you go deeper and deeper den da less taken out, most from the weaker first levels, but der are odders as well as you go deeper, but it get fewer and fewer as you go down deeper.

Deez a here folk, the old ones know bout dem and dat day comin one day, day call a dem da rainbow people. Dis because day from everywhere and all walk of life. Dem a spirit do dis because day need a some from everywhere. You take a people from all of dat der knowledge base and you flip dem into light ya know.

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