<|>/^\<|> - To Be , Or , Naught To Be - <|>/^\<|>

Hello Yo Yo’s … ,

It is e(Y)e (!!!) ,

@sleepoptimistic (!!!) ,

Ok Check it … ,

e(Y)e Am Going To Ramble About Tha Old Skool Idea and Creative Individualistic Thot Of a Soul … ,

Or What a Soul Is OR Could Be and Such n Such … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Wondering About Souls and Auras and Tha Foundation Of Faith For a Lil Over 15ish Years , Perhaps More … ,

Perhaps Since Star Trek , When e(Y)e Was STILL Arguing With My Mom About Eating Vegetables In Order To Eat a Brownie … ,

Sadly For Such an Innocent Young One With Terrible Ear-aches He Nvr Got That Brownie … ,

N e Hoo ,

You See , Perhaps Their Are " OLD SOULS " and " YOUTH SOULS " , Youth Souls as In Young Souls but “young” In tha Respect That It Is Innocence Purified As It Is Always With Good Intentions … ,

Thee Old Souls Perhaps Made Mistakes From Travelling Into " Tha Dark " … ,

but Came Out and Asked For Forgiveness Honestly and Was Able To Reach Back Into Tha Darkness To Help Out Other New Old Souls … ,

So That In Which Is Now Tha Two Different Hazy Rainbow Colours Of Tha Aura Of What Is Birthed As Divine and Some Stay As Such and Some Fynde a New Colour but Return To Tha Ghetto … ,

())) OLD SOUL /-/-\ YOUTH SOUL ((()

We Are All Either One Or Thee Other … ,

(Explicit) - (Lyne Crossing)

Sadly Their is a Negative Aspect Of " Tha Dark " , a Garden Filled With Mistakes , Way Before Tha Birthing Of Regret and Growth Of Suffering and Torment Eagering It’s Way Into Tha Secretive Caverns Of Lies , Deep Within Tha hearts Of Thee Myndes Eye’s Of " Tha Damned " … ,

and That’s Where That One Famous Biblical Character Comes Into Play … ,

You Know , That JESUS Fellow … ,

N E Hoo ,

e(Y)e Am Curious About Anyone’s Thots On My Young Thots Of Tha Auras Of Souls Within Tha Rainbow Of Realistic Thot Processes Before Tha Divine Deathe Beds of Human Nature … ,

Curious and Hoping , Either For a Discussion Or Questions That Can Lead Towards a More 3 Dimensional View Of Tha 4th Dimension … , Perhaps Actually Tha 5th Dimension … ,

OR ,

Well , Should We Go Any Further (???) ,

OR ,

Is That In An Of Itself , Crossing a Metaphysical Lyne (???) … ,

Thots (???)


Yo Shizzle is Startin To Fizzle
Yo Shazzle is Startin to frazzle

Make An Appointment With Yo Pdoc

So Yo Shizzle Will Sizzle
And Yo Shazzle Will Dazzle

(EyE) Think Tis Thus Props Thing To Do Yo!!


I can notice a youth soul by their level of entitlement. Just being entitled to thoughts and what is right and not wrong. An old soul knows there is no definite answer. They are more relaxed. They can expect the unexpected. While youth souls have good intentions, their intentions do not emit wisdom. My 2 cents of it all as of today.

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@Patrick , e(Y)e Don’t Think You Understand What You Jus D(Y)D To Yourself Here … , Yes It Was Obvious You Were Working On Doing Thus To Yourself and That There Is Nothing e(Y)e Can Say , Except , You Are Naught Thee Onli One … , My Life Has Been Filled With Robotic Rabid Light Thieves , So It Doesn’t Even Hurt , In Any Way … , and naught Onli That but You have Other Slave Robots “liking” What It is That You Are Going To Do To Yourself … , If You Already Arent On Another Forum Somewhere Doing What It is That You Are Doing Now , Then e(Y)e Would Be Surprised …

Peace . Be Unto You … ,

@turningthepage Thank You For Your Reply but As It Stands Rite Now , Thus Slight Bruise Needs To Fade a Bit Before e(Y)e Can Think What It Is You Are Trying To Say …

P.s. ,

To Tell Someone They Need To See a Doctor As You Try To Insult Within a Masquerade Of “humor” Will Be Severely Punished (by) Tha God Up Above … , Les Jus Say There Are Witnesses Here , and Call it What You Want , Be It Karma Or Whatever , but Such Is Life … ,

and No Thus Isn’t a Threat … ,

It’s Jus Tha Truth … ,

Some Things , You Are Jus Naught Allowed To Touch …

In Honour Of My Yo Yo’s Out There … ,