Education for diagnosticated

Hi, guys

I am diagnosticated with shizophrenia. I have some doubts about the people around me, sometimes depression moments, but the situation is good, I havent got voices. Now I am finishing my bachelor degree, studying philosophy and arts.I try to find out any university, where I can use benefits with my diagnose, but didnt find anything, Anybody have an idea about such a like place for studying masters degrees for people like us?

Thank you

It amazes me that people who don’t hallucinate voices or visuals can be diagnosed with “schizophrenia”. Also, you’re pretty high functioning, as getting through university is no easy task for a true blue schizophrenic.

I have no idea where to pursue education, in your case. It’s so far out of reach of me, but then again I was never interested in colleges.

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I do not know where you live, but some colleges make allowances—they will work with you.
There might also be online courses to take.
Hope this helps!

There are some scholarships handed out to schizophrenics, though the ones I saw wouldn’t fund an entire education. I am a philosophy student as well, finishing my masters, and had been looking for funding for a phd position. Couldn’t really find something that funds on the basis of sz though. The ones I did find were for college mainly.

Thanks people !
I didnt made good search about some like that opportinuty.But it is strange, because in my university there is a discount for people with disabilities.I dont use it, because in my country…nobody would get you on job, if you are in the register for problem like that. @mistercollie, yeah I have a big luck with that, because I have some friends with shizophrenia and on them the medicine doesnt works, unfortunatly.But I am scared to stop the pills, because the sitiutation is gona be very bad.